Tank Heaters

Prevent cold weather from keeping your elevator down.

When your hydraulic elevator becomes sluggish in cold weather…

The likely culprit is that the hydraulic oil that operates your elevator is not being kept warm. This impacts performance and can result in costly elevator repairs.  When your elevators sit idle, the oil cools down and becomes thick and gummy. This causes rough starts, bumpy rides, leveling problems and extra strain on the equipment. Extra strain on equipment can very quickly turn into very costly repairs. You can either try to heat the whole machine room which can become costly or more simply heat the oil   A Tank Heater is an inexpensive pound of prevention.

Tank heaters are installed inside the oil tanks of hydraulic elevators. They very simply heat and thin the oil to prevent rough starts and variations in normally smooth operation. They keep the hydraulic oil in your elevator at a consistently warm temperature with a built-in, fixed thermostat to control the oil temperature so that it never falls below its optimal functioning level. If the thermostat of the oil dips down below a certain range, it closes and the tank heater begins to operate until it gets to its optimal temperature.

Tank heaters are another cost-effective way to avoid performance problems and future costly repairs. We have a variety of solutions that can be customized to your situation. Contact your representative or call us at 732-290-2991 to learn more.

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