Elevator Installation

Jersey Elevator specializes in the installation of traction and hydraulic elevator systems for commercial and industrial facilities in both existing and new buildings.

Elevator Installation

 Jersey Elevator installs only non-proprietary equipment that can be maintained by any elevator company. Our company’s team of experts will be there to make sure your system is not only appropriate for your needs but also operating in excellent condition.

Prior to Installation

Our ability to provide premium customer service sets us apart from the competition. Our design team will assist you from start to finish. Jersey Elevator design and project management teams are local with easy access to jobsites anywhere in New Jersey.

This assistance includes:

  • Budget estimation
  • A field survey of existing building
  • Shop drawings
  • Job scheduling

Our professional and highly qualified construction teams will install your new system in a professional and timely manner.

After Installation

Jersey Elevator Preventive Maintenance Program will be tailored to keep your elevators operating safely, reliably, and efficiently. Learn more about our Maintenance Programs