Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of elevator modernization?

Improved reliability, increased safety, improved energy efficiency, code compliance, improved appearance, and increased real estate value. We can help you set a modernization plan.

Why is non-proprietary elevator equipment important?

Non-proprietary controllers do not require software, special tools, or passwords. This means replacement parts are available to any elevator company.

How long does an elevator modernization take?

Once an order is placed, the lead time for delivery of equipment ranges from 6 – 8 weeks.  The shutdown time for the elevators varies depending on the extent of the work being done.

Does Jersey Elevator get the required permit?

Yes. We’ll take care of requesting all of the permits for any work we perform.

Do the elevators need to be inspected upon completion of work?

Yes. We will schedule the inspection and be there with the inspector during the inspection process.

Where is Jersey Elevator located?

Our offices and warehouse are centrally located in Aberdeen, NJ. However, our maintenance mechanics have assigned territories that they operate from on a daily basis allowing for quick response to emergencies. Our mechanics also have company trucks stocked with commonly used parts. Should a part not be on the truck, a warehouse supervisor will get it to the jobsite.

What is your response time to emergencies?

Our response time to emergencies is typically under 60 minutes. Our response time for non-emergencies is 4 hours or less. Emergencies are defined by our customers.

Can you get the parts needed to maintain my elevator?

We keep an extensive supply of replacement parts for all brands of elevators in our centrally located warehouse. We also stock our elevator maintenance trucks with the most commonly used parts our mechanics will need to maintain your elevator. If you need something we don’t keep in stock, our well established relationships with many different suppliers enables us to purchase the best repair parts overnight or even the same day if need be.

Are your mechanics well trained?

All of our elevator mechanics and helpers are fully trained and schooled in all aspects of elevator maintenance, elevator repair, modernization, and installation. Additionally, all field personnel are safety-trained in aspects unique to the elevator industry, as well as other safety protocol such as confined space, lock out/tag out, and fall protection. Everyone is also OSHA 10-certified. All of our mechanics are certified with the National Association of Elevator Contractors Certified Elevator Technician program (CET).

Do you provide a job ticket for maintenance and repair?

Our mechanics have PDA devices that allow them to digitally produce a ticket, which you sign. Your mechanic will then email the job ticket directly to you for your records. Additionally, all service calls, repairs, and maintenance visits are recorded in our database. Should you ever need a history, one will be provided at no cost.

How often should I have preventative maintenance done?

Traditionally, commercial elevators had preventative maintenance performed monthly. In recent years, there has been a movement led by the multinational companies in the industry to have maintenance done on a quarterly basis in conjunction with remote monitoring. Although Jersey Elevator offers the same service, we strongly feel that most commercial elevators benefit from a monthly maintenance program in terms of adjustment and lubrication, but also because a human pair of eyes will often pick up things that a computer can’t, thereby greatly reducing shutdowns. For elevators that are new or have limited usage, we offer bi-monthly or quarterly preventative maintenance service. You may also find that our prices for monthly preventative maintenance are more competitive than the big companies’ quarterly programs.

How do you handle state-required inspections?

We service the entire state of New Jersey and thus work with many different inspectors. Jersey Elevator will coordinate inspections with the inspectors and remedy all violations in a timely fashion, according to all applicable codes.

How long has Jersey Elevator been in business?

Jersey Elevator has been proudly providing great elevator service to customers throughout New Jersey since 1974!

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