Soft Starters Can Improve Elevator Efficiency,

Comfort and Safety


Create a smoother trip and happier riders.


Elevator soft starters are electronic devices that are designed to regulate the starting and stopping of elevator motors in a smooth and controlled manner. Traditional elevator motor starters often use direct-on-line (DOL) starting, which can lead to high inrush currents that cause mechanical stress on the motor and other components. Soft starters, on the other hand, can reduce the stress on the motor and other components by gradually increasing the voltage supplied to the motor, thereby minimizing the inrush current.


One of the main benefits of elevator soft starters is that they can help extend the lifespan of elevator components by reducing the wear and tear caused by abrupt starting and stopping. In addition, soft starters can also help reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs by minimizing the power required to start the motor.


Soft starters also offer a number of safety features, such as motor overload protection and short circuit protection. They can also help reduce noise and vibration levels in the elevator, which can improve passenger comfort.


When selecting an elevator soft starter, it is important to work with a trained professional who will work with you to consider factors such as the motor’s power rating, the number of starts per hour, and the type of elevator control system. It is also important to ensure that the soft starter is compatible with the elevator’s power supply and that it meets relevant safety standards and regulations.


Overall, elevator soft starters can provide a number of benefits for building owners and operators, including increased efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and improved passenger comfort and safety. As such, they are a worthwhile investment for those looking to upgrade their elevator systems.

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