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It might be time to have the doors on your elevators checked!


Like the tires on your car, the doors are by far the part of an elevator that’s worked the hardest. They open and close an average of almost 200,000 times per year according to a major door manufacturer. That produces a lot of wear and tear on the equipment that operates them. Because of all this use, elevator doors are the cause of over 70% of all service calls industry wide.  Door related issues are also the cause of most downtime which creates an inconvenience to nearly everyone in the building.

Replacement of door equipment and fixtures, such as the car panel, hall buttons, and position indicators will certainly improve performance of these “wear items” in the same way replacing worn tires will improve the way your car drives and make it safer. You should also consider the upgrading of worn-out cab interiors and lighting fixtures for a more comfortable ride. Increasingly, LED lighting is eliminating the use of incandescent light bulbs. LEDs last up to five times longer and typically use less energy.

An elevator modernization is no small undertaking and it’s important to plan ahead for the project with someone that will take the time to fully understand your needs. Our experienced and trained team is always ready to meet, evaluate your situation and recommend a course of action that fits in your timeline and budget and minimizes any disruption to the greatest extent possible.

Even if you are not upgrading your door equipment, we can replace the mechanical safety edges and electric eyes with the newest infrared door reversal systems to keep your doors safe and reliable.

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Explore Our Elevator Maintenance Packages

Premium Maintenance

Your choice for a worry-free maintenance solution, this option includes:

  • 8-hour or over-time service calls
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance visits
  • Everything needed to keep equipment running smoothly, safely, and efficiently, including parts, labor, service calls, and testing fees

Maintenance Plus

This option is designed to suit the uniqueness of your building and includes:

  • Regularly scheduled visits
  • Most door parts and related service calls (which usually account for 80% of all service calls)

Basic Maintenance

This option helps prolong the life of existing equipment and includes:

  • Regularly scheduled lubrication and adjustments
  • Inspection of critical components to identify an anticipated shutdown situation

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